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Lots of still lifes today! 

Emily answers the phone.

Model: Catherine

Emily manages to look hot even when reading the light.

Model: Cassie

Getting back into encaustic and it feels wonderful!

I’m participating in a project called “I Shot Kate Moss.”

It’s appropriated imagery of Kate Moss with a message. Mine is: “Who is Kate Moss?” As one of the most famous models of our time, who doesn’t know who she is? She’s an icon, a versatile icon. I’m exploring Kate Moss, neither as a person nor an object, but as an icon. What does Kate Moss represent? Through her career, everything.

These are works in progress. 

David and I frolic in Gramercy Park. Photographed by David.

I did a DIY project on my shoes. Photographed by David.

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Follow me on Instagram here for more: